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    Unfortunately evasive


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    Body Mask (Det), mid-20th century Asmat people, Ambisu village, New Guinea, Papua (Irian Jaya) Province, Indonesia Wood, fiber, leaves, paint

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    infinities of assault

    infinities of survival


  4. ab-moore:

    Yesterday I finished the insert art for Barbelith's upcoming release, “Mirror Unveiled." This is intended to be used as the top half of a fold-out poster to be included in their vinyl package. The metal-centric music blog Steel for Brains recently streamed a track from the album with a nice write-up, featuring the front cover of album art I completed earlier this month.

    I drew inspiration for this wild card composition (Barbelith gave me a lot of freedom with this half of the vinyl package project) from a mid-August journey I took with Austyn to North Fork Mountain in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia, long-drive talks of creative visualization and constructing “inner temples,” dream architecture, and pervasive residual images of subconscious rooms via Cube/House-building Personality tests. It’s not very traditionally “metal” in style, but I suppose you could say Barbelith isn’t exactly traditional in their approach to genre.

    Like their album art, I measured a symmetrical framework for a watercolor and gouache painting, then fleshed out the atmospheric environment in Photoshop. This process creates a clean, collage-like effect that I’m fond of for geometrically focused compositions.

    I’m excited to see how the entire package comes together! 


  5. ab-moore:

    Christopher Nobody & the Nothing was short-lived, but hands down my favorite local act to watch during their time. Although I’m not sure if this material is still being released, it was an honor to create the album artwork for their potential first release, “Under Your Bed / In the Ground.”

    This was my first all-graphite drawing in a while, and a fun experiment with perspective.


  6. adamrobinsonart:

    David Batchelor, Festival Remix, 2006, cement mixer, neon lights

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  7. adsertoris:

    Sigourney Weaver and the Alien Queen on the set of Aliens (1986)

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  8. journalofanobody:

    Rick Amor, The Dog, 1989   

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  9. ab-moore:

    I’m excited to announce that I will be showing new digital prints of recent and past poster/flyer work at Platform Gallery tomorrow! I’ll be sharing wall space with Globe Letterpress's collection of Baltimore soul posters. The five editions of four will be available for purchase. Here’s a link to the Facebook event.

    The oldest flyer in the set was for a Dee & the Warlocks and Baklavaa dual album release show at the Golden West in 2012. I was really excited about this show, in turn producing a larger scale, fully-illustrated flyer with hand-lettered text that unwittingly set a stylistic template for my future poster designs. I’m surprised I’d saved its line file all this time- flyer art is something I presume I’ll never print a second edition of- but I wanted to update the black-and-white file to color. I printed different variations for this set, and would have done the same with the ISIS show posters I did in February… but all seven of the color variant files were missing! I had never saved them to my external hard drive, so they must have disappeared when my laptop was stolen a few months ago. I had only one of the many posters we had printed left in my possession, two-times tacked to a wall in the Bell Foundry kitchen. I’m bummed I won’t be able to make nice prints of the other color variants from the lost set, but I was able to scan and re-print this one! I left the tack-holes on the rescanned flyer.

    Oh- and Ratscape is this weekend at Hour Haus! Here’s the poster I designed in its largest scale in glorious full-gloss in the window of the venue….

    Today! Come to Platform Gallery for the opening reception of Starcrossed: The Art of Baltimore Promotion. 7-10. 116 W. Mulberry Street.


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  11. malformalady:

    Andrew Quilty’s image titled Burns Victim In Boost Hospital is taken in the provincial capital of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. It shows a young girl wrapped in heat blankets used to cool her body after she suffered severe burns to her body from a heat lamp.

    Photo credit: Andrew Quilty

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    Demonstrating formal finesse, visual wit and disarmingly direct technique, the recent paintings of Olive Ayhens are a pleasure to behold. The profusion of anecdotal detail in this artist’s work (in particular, her obvious fondness for certain members of the animal kingdom) suggests a dreamlike narrative symbolism, but that doesn’t obscure the fact that she’s also an abstractionist of the first order.


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    She comes in colors, Shae DeTar

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