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    David Batchelor, Festival Remix, 2006, cement mixer, neon lights

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    Sigourney Weaver and the Alien Queen on the set of Aliens (1986)

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    Rick Amor, The Dog, 1989   

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    I’m excited to announce that I will be showing new digital prints of recent and past poster/flyer work at Platform Gallery tomorrow! I’ll be sharing wall space with Globe Letterpress's collection of Baltimore soul posters. The five editions of four will be available for purchase. Here’s a link to the Facebook event.

    The oldest flyer in the set was for a Dee & the Warlocks and Baklavaa dual album release show at the Golden West in 2012. I was really excited about this show, in turn producing a larger scale, fully-illustrated flyer with hand-lettered text that unwittingly set a stylistic template for my future poster designs. I’m surprised I’d saved its line file all this time- flyer art is something I presume I’ll never print a second edition of- but I wanted to update the black-and-white file to color. I printed different variations for this set, and would have done the same with the ISIS show posters I did in February… but all seven of the color variant files were missing! I had never saved them to my external hard drive, so they must have disappeared when my laptop was stolen a few months ago. I had only one of the many posters we had printed left in my possession, two-times tacked to a wall in the Bell Foundry kitchen. I’m bummed I won’t be able to make nice prints of the other color variants from the lost set, but I was able to scan and re-print this one! I left the tack-holes on the rescanned flyer.

    Oh- and Ratscape is this weekend at Hour Haus! Here’s the poster I designed in its largest scale in glorious full-gloss in the window of the venue….

    Today! Come to Platform Gallery for the opening reception of Starcrossed: The Art of Baltimore Promotion. 7-10. 116 W. Mulberry Street.


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    Andrew Quilty’s image titled Burns Victim In Boost Hospital is taken in the provincial capital of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. It shows a young girl wrapped in heat blankets used to cool her body after she suffered severe burns to her body from a heat lamp.

    Photo credit: Andrew Quilty

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    Demonstrating formal finesse, visual wit and disarmingly direct technique, the recent paintings of Olive Ayhens are a pleasure to behold. The profusion of anecdotal detail in this artist’s work (in particular, her obvious fondness for certain members of the animal kingdom) suggests a dreamlike narrative symbolism, but that doesn’t obscure the fact that she’s also an abstractionist of the first order.


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    She comes in colors, Shae DeTar

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    I laughed really hard and now I feel sort of like I’m a bad person

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  13. ab-moore:

    I just finished this poster and t-shirt design for Baltimore’s RATSCAPE 2014, hosted at the Hour Haus in Station North, July 18-20.

    I had a lot of fun with these, and thank Josh Schleupner for the opportunity to support Ratscape with design for the second time! Poster/flyer art is my favorite kind of illustration/design challenge. I wanted to create a spacey. psychedelic, Twilight Zoney, blacklight putt-putt/laser tag vibe this year, while also incorporating elements of Baltimore iconography. Thus a fat rat yin yang “planet” with an infinity chain ring, Natty Boh sun and moon, an hour glass, eyeball planets- and some vortexes, for good measure.

    The lineup for Ratscape this year is a truly well-curated showcase of local music wizardry. There’s no scene like the Baltimore scene, and each day of the festival features a different tone and vibe from equally hard-hitting and wholly unique musicians. Mark your calendars! I can’t wait.

    If time in my schedule allows, I will be screenprinting these posters. I’m thinking some metallic and neon fluorescent inks! These posters and t-shirts will be available for sale at Ratscape.


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    Natural History of Vacant Lots (University of California Press, 1987)

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    Grief and Melancholy, Martin Copertari

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